Any exception that this module could throw.

class gordon_gcp.GCPGordonError[source]

General Gordon GCP Plugin Error.

class gordon_gcp.GCPGordonJanitorError[source]

General Gordon GCP Janitor Plugin Error.

class gordon_gcp.InvalidMessageError[source]

Consumed an invalid message from Google Pub/Sub.

class gordon_gcp.InvalidDNSZoneInMessageError[source]

Raised when a message with an invalid DNS zone is consumed.

class gordon_gcp.GCPHTTPError[source]

An error occurred while processing an HTTP request.

class gordon_gcp.GCPHTTPResponseError(message, status)[source]

An HTTP response had an error associated with a status code.

class gordon_gcp.GCPAuthError[source]

Authentication error with Google Cloud.

class gordon_gcp.GCPConfigError[source]

Improper or incomplete configuration for plugin.

class gordon_gcp.GCPPublishRecordTimeoutError[source]

Time out error when attempting to publish records.